About me...

My name is Seth. I grew up in New Hampshire, was transplanted in Minnesota when I went to college and I've been here ever since. I love basketball – the Minnesota Timberwolves & Boston Celtics are my favorite teams. I like to travel and enjoy visiting New York City as much as I do the North Shore of Lake Superior. I'm a musical schizophrenic and you're as likely to catch my radio tuned into jazz and classical as 80's hair bands and everything in between. I like watching movies, reading books, hanging out with my 3 kiddos, sipping lattes and spending as much time as I can at our family cabin in northern Minnesota. 

I've been taking pictures most of my life. I've won a couple awards for my photos and videos, and I've been fortunate enough to have some of my wedding and portrait work featured by a few distinctive publications, which is awesome – but the truth is that I just love drawing out people's unique personality and capturing beautiful images that tell their story and reveal something of their soul.

You can click here to contact me. Shoot me a line to get more information about booking a wedding or portrait session – or if you just want to talk about life in general – I get that a lot, too.