Brittney & Nathan Engagement

What started as an engagement session on a beautiful, lazy, late summer evening in Stillwater took a turn for the adventurous with a simple question: "Could we do a few shots at a spot just outside of town? It's where we officially became a couple..." Of course we can! We have to, right?! We NEED to shoot there! 

We drove outside of town, and after a 35 minute hike down steep, wooded hills, swatting mosquitoes, and as I was beginning to sweat profusely, Nate said, "I think it's just a little farther..." We were now in full adventure mode, and I couldn't help but think – isn't this how life is so much of the time? What starts out as a simple idea turns into... well... an adventure.

As you can see from the pictures, Nate and Brittney have found that it's who you are on the adventure with is what makes all the difference. I can't wait to photograph the big day with them in October! Here's to the start of a whole new adventure for them!