Praises For Faces Of Recovery

Diane Pietro is the CEO of the Twin Cities Photography group and a leader among photographers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and she recently had some incredibly high, humbling, insightful, and amazing words to say about my Faces Of Recovery portrait project that I thought I'd share here on the blog. I will be sharing some of these words again on a video in the near future as we I'm getting ready to launch a crowd-funding campaign aimed at getting this project resourced to take the next steps of development. In the meantime, I thought I would share these words here. Thank you for your kind words, Diane! 

The most wonderful thing about images is that they take us to places we may never go physically. They invoke emotions and dreams. They inspire and spark the imagination about worlds that can be.

The most powerful thing about images is that they bring about self validation by documenting a life. I never knew the power of a self portrait until I photographed recovering fathers being reunited with their families. For some of those children, the images we gave them were the first they ever had with their dads.

When Seth Hinrichs came to the studio and explained his project, Faces of Recovery, I immediately knew he was in for the journey of a lifetime – and what better person to do this project than Seth? He has the social and technical skills to deliver stunning images to people who almost disappeared from life. His welcoming personality and warm heart make you feel at ease and accepted immediately, allowing his clients to open up and expose their authentic selves.

What Seth is giving his subjects is more than an image. It is a voice—a celebration that declares “I have not only survived, but I am important enough that a stranger has taken his time to learn my story and document it.” With one look at his work you will find that Seth has a way of finding the beauty and strength in people. His studio lighting skills are exceptional.

The stunning images produced by Faces of Recovery have a rippling effect, starting from each subject and circling out to their families. Imagine being a parent of one of Seth’s clients. What better gift could you receive than seeing your child beautiful and whole again after so many nights imagining the worst. And more importantly, having your child wanting to be seen again and being proud of who he/she is.

This important project needs to be funded so it can grow and raise awareness and hope for those who are still battling addiction. To every addict and family effected by addiction, these images will take them to a place they may not be able to go physically right now, they plant a seed of hope mentally that may one day bring them home again.


Diane Pietro

CEO, Twin Cities Photography Group